At Career Connections, we’ve accumulated ten years of experience specifically in the Investment Management Industry.  It is this experience – and the knowledge and expertise gained from it – that has allowed us to continually serve our clients at a high level, no matter the state of the marketplace or the economy.

In addition to our extensive experience, Career Connections strives to continually stay ahead of emerging trends, both within Investment Management and in the employment marketplace in general.  By doing so, we’re able to position our clients in an extremely strategic fashion, so that they’re in a position to benefit from our industry insight through the addition of talented, high-achieving individuals.

Why Career Connections?

  • Trust – Our primary goal at Career Connections is to earn our clients’ trust.  We do this by proving we have their best interests at heart in the detailed effort we perform on their behalf.  Most of our business has been built through repeat customers; it has been very rewarding to help grow their businesses with the great people we have helped identify.
  • Commitment – Our commitment to customers goes beyond industry standard guarantees; we stay close to our candidates and clients to ensure both parties are equally pleased with the working situation.
  • Focus – Career Connections does not make claims to be an expert in all industries and employment categories.  We make an effort to be highly informed in the investment management industry, specifically investment distribution.
  • Efficiency – Our client’s most precious resource is their time.  We will only accept a search if we have the bandwidth, experience and contacts to be effective on the assignment and we strive to submit only a limited number of vetted candidates.
  • Flexibility – Our search processes are not rigid; we will adapt our approach to each client’s specific need.  See OUR RECRUITING PROCESS

We are happy to provide references upon request.